About Us

Welcome to SmallMicrowave.co.uk!

As you’ve probably guessed, this website is all about helping you choose a small or mini microwave. We rate and compare models for caravans, small kitchens, mobile homes and even camping to help you make the right decision.

That might sound like a strange topic to base a website around – and it probably is. But we know from experience that this type of microwave is difficult to find, especially if you want to buy for a caravan or motor home. Even if you can find models that fit your requirements, it’s hard to get accurate information about their performance and reliability. Our goal is to provide all the information you need when buying a small microwave.

Goals of this Website:

  • To provide accurate information about small microwaves (less than 20 litre capacity)
  • To help readers spend their money wisely when choosing a mini microwave
  • To answer questions readers might have about this type of appliance
  • To be a reliable resource that readers can trust

About the Founder:

SmallMicrowave.co.uk was founded by Sarah Hayward, although there is now a small team or contributing writers. Sarah is a tech enthusiast from the UK who realised there was a “gap” in the market when looking for a microwave for her caravan.

Do you have any questions? Please use the contact page.