17 Litre Microwave Ovens – Reviews & Best Models (2017)

Want to buy a 17 litre microwave oven but aren't sure which to choose? This page lists our reviews of 17L appliances. We've also provided a handy table of the best microwaves in this size category.

At SmallMicrowave.co.uk, we usually only review models with an internal capacity of less than 20 litres. Capacity is always correlated with external dimensions (there are some exceptions due to clever design), but it's usually the case.

By far the most popular size for a small microwave is 17 litres, as it provides a compromise between internal size and external dimensions. Brands such as Russell Hobbs, Cookworks, and Currys all produce models with this size - although there are differences in appearance and features.

On this page, we've reviewed our top three 17 litre microwaves. Each provides great value for money while offering strong cooking performance. They are all solo models, as we have a separate page for small combination microwaves. We've also listed each model's external dimensions, power and various other features.​

Which are the Best 17 Litre Microwaves?

 #1  Russell Hobbs RHM1714B

Our favourite 17 litre microwave is this excellent model by Russell Hobbs

Who Should Buy:

The RHM1714B is one of the most attractive microwaves we've seen - and it cooks food efficiently too. An easy pick for our top 17L machine.  Click here to view its price.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 17 litres
  • Power: 700W
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 45.2 x 36.0 x 26.2 cm

If you've read our other pages (such as the best small black microwaves) it probably comes as no surprise that the top model in this category is the excellent Russell Hobbs RHM1714B. It's not the smallest or most compact model, but it still fits comfortably into our "small microwave" guidelines while including features that aren't found on many other 17L models.

The first ​thing to note about the Russell Hobbs RHM1714B is that it's a digital appliance. This means it has a back-lit screen along with a variety of buttons for various settings and features. These features aren't available on manual microwaves which don't include a digital computer.

You've also probably noticed that this is a stylish model. The curved handle adds a unique appeal that is lacking from most microwaves. The control panel is straightforward to use, although you'll probably want to read the manual a few times before using the auto-cook menus.

Other features include five power levels, 700W power output and a kitchen timer function.​ It can fit a dinner plate up to 24.5 cm in diameter, which isn't the largest we've seen from a 17L microwave but is fine for most standard dinner plates.

The ​Russell Hobbs RHM1714 was an easy pick for the best 17L microwave. Its combination of attractive design, auto-cook menus and reasonable price make it difficult to beat in this category.

Type: Freestanding Solo

 #2  Cookworks EM7

The Cookworks EM7 is great if you want a small digital microwave

Who Should Buy:

If you're looking for an alternative 17 litre digital microwave, the EM7 is a great choice. It has a range of auto-cook functions and a larger turntable.  Click here to view its price.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 17 litres
  • Power: 700W
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 43.9 x 33.4 x 25.8 cm

A little-known digital microwave that provides great value for money is the Cookworks EM7. It's not a stylish appliance, but it's cheaper than the Russell Hobbs and has many of the same features.

As we mentioned, this is a digital microwave that comes with a range of automatic features. These include an automatic reheat mode, speed defrost, weight defrost and an express cook button. There are also auto-cook menus, for foods such as vegetables, potatoes, chicken, soups and pizzas, and five power levels.

​One of the best features of the EM7 is the 25.5cm turntable. This might not sound much bigger than the Russell Hobbs, but means you can fit larger plates and cook more food at the same time. On the other hand, it's a smaller microwave than the Russell Hobbs so it's a great choice if you have limited space.

Overall, the Cookworks EM7 is a great 17 litre black microwave that offers excellent value. Its cheaper price tag and larger turntable means you won't regret buying it ahead of the Russell Hobbs - although we rate the RHM1714B slightly higher.

Type: Freestanding Solo

 #3  Currys Essentials C17MW14

The Currys Essentials is a basic and cheap microwave

Who Should Buy:

The final model on this list is also the cheapest. If you're looking for a simple microwave that cooks quickly and efficiently, it provides great value.  Click here to view its price.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 17 litres
  • Power: 700W
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 43.9 x 35.5 x 25.7 cm

If you don't need all the extra features that come with a digital microwave, a standard model can often be a better choice. They are simple and easy to use, plus the lack of a digital screen is one less thing that can break.

One of our favourite budget manual microwaves is the excellent Currys Essentials C17MW14. It's controlled by two simple dials - one for microwave power and the other for time - so you probably won't need to spend much time reading the manual! It's also great for basic reheating, cooking and defrosting.

Despite the simple design, this Currys microwave isn't completely lacking features. There are five settings for power, so you can adjust cooking intensity depending on the type of food. There's also a defrost option when you need it - although we've read reports that this can be difficult to use.

Best of all, this microwave is very cheap considering its quality. It isn't going to win awards for style or innovative features, but if you need a simple 17L microwave that doesn't cost a lot of money, it's an option to consider.

Type: Freestanding Solo


17 litres is the most common microwave size if you're looking for a compact model. Microwaves in this category tend to have small external dimensions with 700W output, so be prepared for food to take slightly longer to cook if you're used to more powerful appliances.

Our #1 recommendation for a 17L microwave is the ​Russell Hobbs RHM1714B. We love its stylish design and dial for selecting cooking time. It can also cook and reheat evenly.

Do you have any questions about 17 litre microwave ovens? Or just want to give feedback on one of the models listed in this article? Don't be shy - use the comments form below!​